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Sunday, 31 January 2010 05:35

NRMA Motorfest 2010  -  from Motorfest virgins

Gary had been looking forward to this day for months awaking at 4AM all revved up and waiting to go.

We met Neville, Dave and Bob at Croydon to make the convoy in as a group then meeting Gary C and Matthew in the city. We all then made our way into the hot smelly box from hell; sorry I mean the Domain car park and parked on the appropriate level. Greeting more Isuzu faces as we all parked in the correct order of year was also Julie, Jack, Neil and Tom.  Soon sausages and coffee were in order and our free breakfast was quickly demolished as can be seen in the photo "feeding time at the zoo". Finally engines revving and making our way out of the car park to fresh air we made our final destination of Shakespeare Place.

Isuzu banners and signs all in place with 10 fantastic Belletts in attendance ~ a record I believe!  Shade tent, chairs and tables all well placed in the shade under the palm trees made for a fantastic spot to relax and enjoy the friendliness of all.  Lunch, DVD’s, beer, selling of Isuzu Club shirts, photos and many visitors filled the day.

Sooooooo many cars, trucks, motorbikes, fire engines and vehicles of all descriptions filled the streets.  Entertainment even filled the sky above if you were quick enough to catch it.  A very humid day with a breeze every now and again, luckily a fountain very close by supplied much relief to many.

A kind invitation was made to all of a BBQ dinner by Tom & Julie Amos at their house, many of us made our way there after a fantastic but tiring day.  Lovely birds of all descriptions welcomed us and soon after the BBQ was served.  More old DVD’s, walks down memory lane and a great night enjoyed by all.

As Motofest virgins Gary and I had a wonderful day and would recommend the experience to anyone.  Held in pride will be the 2010 Commemorative NRMA Medallion and also our special Isuzu Pens. Thanks to you All, we had a ball.

Monnica Smith ~ Bemboka Bellett Blokes Wife 

Entrants: Gary & Monnica Smith 1969 sedan Gary Carter 1967 auto sedan Matthew Smith 1965 auto sedan Bob Bailey 1964 sedan Neville Hannah 19661/2 sedan Tom & Julie Amos 1964 GT GrpN Race car & 1971 GTR Jack Curtis 1967 GT Neil Miller 1967 GT Dave Maurice 1968 GT 

 Some of the many ICCA Members who visited during the day: Geoff Pearce, Warren Jones, Jason Jones, David Garnon.Warren Degnan, Michael Degnan, Alan Cherry, Gary and Cheryl Butcher. 

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