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Written by RB   
Friday, 19 March 2010 04:38
Wings over Illawarra – Bob Bailey and the PR20 

Awake 630AM, didn’t think after the late night at Charity Shield that I would wake up.


Better get under that running water make sure I’m not dreaming, then some tea and toast to get the motor running


Lets see, checked the car yesterday, everything ready to go, no need petrol and money


Off to ATM .. out of order


Oh well back to Henry Lawson onto Heathcote Rd, guy on the bike just cruising down

the hill behind me, don’t see that too often, oh here comes another bike over the double yellows and disappears into the distance.


Stop fill up at Heathcote and off again onto the expressway follow the old Jag, overtake the real old Chevy tourer and just cruising nicely 55mph on the clock


Sing to myself as nothing on am radio but talk back that I can’t really hear


Hello what’s this coming up behind, a convoy of AC Cobra replicas, aahhh drool drool. Now they are all cruising past giving me a wave, great looking vehicles


Keep on cruising, pass the bus, keep in the left lane let everyone go past, everyone in a late model car has to go past any old car on the road no matter what speed the old car is doing. Take it easy down Mt Ousley, don’t want to run out of brakes


Keep on cruising, gauges all OK temp staying good, expressways are boring, but I guess we need to get there about on time


Oh oh have a look at the line-up to turn right to the airport, better change lanes and make a comfort stop. Now head south do a u turn and back up the road to the airport turnoff. Hey look only four cars in front, remember next time come into the airport from the south.  Drive in get waved through, nothing to pay for historic, you beauty, follow the traffic in, there’s Dave Garnon with the “Study” might as well park here.


Time for coffee and a look around. Great planes cars, lots of people. The Roulettes formation flying overhead, the “Connie” taking off, helicopters doing their thing, the static displays, the Mustang being rebuilt, still has the bullet holes in the tail.  Great day with the old planes and the many flying displays.


Steak sanga for lunch, talk to Dave and his Mum and the Studebaker guys and then time to pack up head for home, storm on the horizon.


Home, no expressways for me, take the Unanderra turnoff, now time for the wipers, glad I got new rubbers, follow the road.  I wonder how all the Cobra drivers and passengers, and the Sprite and MG people for that matter, enjoyed the trip home in the rain. It was nice to be in a sedan with the rain bucketing down. Did get a few drips onto the legs while driving, need to find where the rain is getting in.


Dapto turnoff through Dapto, bugger! back onto the Northern Distributor, take the Woonona turnoff, that’s better onto East Woonona, down by the beach, back on to the highway just before Bulli Pass turn right onto the coast road, stop at Thirroul on again to Stanwell Park up to Stanwell Tops old Princes Highway great run, caught up with the traffic on the expressway, slow all the way through Heathcote , the cleared again onto Heathcote Rd and home.


I’m sure the Bellett enjoyed it more as well. Must fit up a stereo, freeways are boring as bat droppings without music!


Cheers - Bob

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