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Written by DM   
Thursday, 02 June 2011 10:57

Motorfest 2011 NRMA

After all the early arrangements fell into line, majority of the cars met at the Shell Garage at Croydon at 700 AM.


We departed the garage after some people had something to eat and headed down Parramatta Road where we picked up Mark Ovens in his 1967 sedan, we then had 10 cars all heading into the assembly point in convoy to the Domain Parking station. We met up with 3 GT’s at the Domain, Jack, Neil and Tom in the GTR


After having breakfast compliments of the Lions Club, we assembled in model date order, GT’s first then the sedans, we were held for a while at the departure point while the escorts returned from the previous convoy.


We left about 1020 am for the location where we would be located all day, in Macquarie Street, on the corner of Hunter Street Sydney. The location this year would be the best location we have had in the 15 years I have been attending Motorfest, under the shade of trees in the morning, until shade from the buildings behind us took over to protect us all afternoon. The position was a side issue, we were in a very prominent position where “lookers” could not miss our display.


Our Club sign was mounted between 2 sign posts in a very convenient location for us to not have the sign attached to a building, which was not allowed this year. No signage was to be fixed to buildings after many complaints last year.


We were all kept busy during the day talking to many owners of Belletts over the years and also interested people in seeing so many Belletts together again!!  Members were interviewed by TV presenter Dianne Smith for the TV News and the NRMA, (click on link to see TV of Belletts at the Motorfest) however we must have ended on the editor's floor, and we missed out. Still photos and lots of them from various photographers were taken, one of which is in the March edition of The Australian Classic Car magazine.


At the end of the day we formed a convoy again and headed to Tom and Julie Amos home for our General Meeting and a very nice Barbeque dinner.

Thank you to everyone who attended Motorfest, with cars and without, another great day for the Bellett fraternity!!


Thank you again Tom and Julie for your hospitality!